Alcoholics Anonymous Sobriety Coins

AA Coins, 24 Hour through 60 Year Anniversarys
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  • Item #: 24 Hour thru 60 Years Sobriety

Alcoholics Anonymous Coins, Bronze 24 Hours through 60 Year Sobriety ~ Traditional Circle Triangle Medallions

24 Hour Medallions,  Antiqued  Bronze

1 through 11 Months Anniversary Coins / Medallions, Antiqued Bronze

18 Months Anniversary Coins / Medallions, Antiqued Bronze

1 through 60 Years Anniversary Coins / Medallions, Antiqued Bronze

Hand crafted in America, from start to finish! Hand Buffed Antique Finish... AA Traditional Coins and Medallions

NOTE: If the year you wish to purchase does not show in the "Year Choice" window, it is Temporarily Out of Stock

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